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Year of the Mountain

Everyone is drawn to mountains. I am always impressed with how unique characters of different mountain ranges are.
I have enjoyed trekking around or climbing up some awsome mountains in the time I've been travelling. I spent a night on top of Mount Sinai in the midst of Moses' biblical "great and terrible wilderness". I've visited some charming villages in the Andes and in the Himilayas in Nepal. Mountains seem to have a way of warding off some of the more unpleasant aspects of modernization.
I love the incredible limestone formations of Krabi Province, Thailand and in Hallong Bay, Vietnam. And the caves in Laos are breathtakingly claustrophobic. I didn't get a chance to see mountains in my own country until 2000. I loved the glaciers, waterfalls and tourist kitsch of the Rocky Mountains and the picture taking frenzy at the Great Wall of China. South Korea is 70 per cent mountains, and the rocky peaks of Soraksan are splendid.
 Here are some photos I've taken around and on some amazing mountains in the pat years...

Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia

Muktinah in the Annapurna Himilayas

Central Laos

Morning on Mount SinaI, Egypt

Ottavalo, Andes, Ecuador

Canadian Rockies

Hallong Bay, Vitnam

Ghasa, Nepal

Mesada, Judean Desert

Great Wall of China

All photos copyright Glenn Bradley Holman 1997-2001